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COVID-19 Response Plan


Prevention Measures

Healthy Team


  • Our Team is instructed to stay home when feeling any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Prior to beginning a shift, Team Members must undergo wellness checks before they enter the restaurant, including temperature checks and health screening.

  • Because we employ a small staff, we can easily monitor and track the health of our team on a daily basis.


Clean Environment


  • Our Team Members wash their hands at least every 30 minutes, or sooner as necessary per Maricopa Health Department training for restaurant employees..

  • Staff is required to wear gloves and masks and must switch to new pairs of gloves every 30 minutes.

  • Our Teams wear face masks whenever they are inside our buildings, and maintain a stock of masks available to Team Members and Guests if needed.

  • The multiple-use items that we use such as plate ware, cutlery, glassware, and water bottles for refills are being washed & sanitized between uses.

  • To process credit card payments, we have a, “wipe, swipe, wipe” process to ensure germ-free transactions. Your card might get a bit damp, but you know it’s clean!


How Things Work


We’re taking all necessary steps to keep our guests safe while still providing you with quality service, food and drink. Here’s a little bit about how we’re doing things at so you know what to expect at your next visit:


  • MASKS: Your table is your safe zone. You may take your mask off here but please replace it when moving about the restaurant. Forgot your mask? We have some for you. Just let us know, and we’ll provide one for you.

  • SEATING: Upon arrival, please seat yourself at any table marked “Freshly Sanitized Table & Chairs". 

  • MENUS: Menus are available using a QR code provided on the disposable paper on your table. Take a photo of QR code and you will be given a link that directs you to the menu.

  • LARGE PARTIES: We ask that all parties consist of 10 people or fewer.

  • WAITING IN LINE: When waiting in line, guests must stand six feet apart. Please wait outside if there is a line formed inside and proceed after the person in front of you has moved.

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